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Contract Example

This section covers an example smart contract used for key management.

Implementing the Smart Contract

First, download the example contract and client for key management.

git clone

This smart contract can help you manage your account. You can add keys and remove keys from your account, define weights for each key, and set thresholds for key management and network deployments.

You could also refer to this smart contract as the account code.


Once you deploy this smart contract, you cannot change it. As a result, you can rely on its behavior and state as if it were a binding agreement.

The account code execution starts in, where the call function calls the execute function. This code is similar to a script that executes and implements your account behavior. Remember that when you send a contract (Wasm file) to the network, the contract execution engine will invoke the call function.

The following functions defined in will help you manage your keys.

set_key_weightSets the weight for a specific key
set_deployment_thresholdSets the threshold for deployments, given the permission level and associated weight
set_key_management_thresholdSets the threshold for key management, given the permission level and associated weight
set_allSets all the three parameters: weight for a specific key, and thresholds for deployments and key management

Possible errors that can arise are defined in

In the next section, you will prepare and build the smart contract for deployment.

Building the Smart Contract

Before building the smart contract for this tutorial, you need to install Rust and set up the development environment.

Navigate to the keys-manager folder and compile the smart contract to generate the corresponding Wasm file.

cd keys-manager
make prepare
make build-contract

If the commands are successful, you will find a keys-manager.wasm file in the /keys-manager/contract/target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/keys-manager.wasm directory.

Next, we will review the sample client that invokes this contract to set up the account and perform key management.