Blockchain Contracts

The most efficient way to use blockchain is to store (install) your contract on the system and then call it. This section outlines the steps to do this.

Installing a Smart Contract

The Contracts DSL provides all the necessary boilerplate code that is needed to install a contract. The #[casperlabs_contract] macro sets up the contract name so it can be called using the name in subsequent deploys. Deploy the smart contract through the put-deploy command and send in the compiled wasm as --session code.

Calling a Contract by Name & Entry Point

To call a contract by its’ name use the session-name option. The Contracts DSL makes it possible to create entry points in the contract, which can then be invoked in the contract via the entry point. The #[casperlabs_method] macro sets up the entry point name.

casper-client put-deploy --session-name <NAME> --session-entry-point <FUNCTION_NAME>

Calling a Contract by Hash & Entry Point

After deploying a contract and querying global state, a contract’s hash can be used to call it in a new deploy. An entry point is required when calling a contract by its’ hash.

casper-client put-deploy  --session-hash <HEX STRING> --session-entry-point <FUNCTION_NAME>