This guide is designed to support developers getting started with the development of smart contracts on the Casper blockchain in AssemblyScript or Rust. For Rust, there is a contract development kit that includes a runtime environment, reference documentation, and test framework. You can install our environment locally, create and test Smart Contracts with our Smart Contracts and Test Libraries, and use these libraries to build your own applications.

It is recommended you have prior knowledge about Unix-based operating systems, like GNU/Linux or macOS, and programming knowledge with:

  • Rust

  • AssemblyScript

  • JavaScript (optional)

  • Python (optional)

The topics on the index include present and future documentation initiatives in our roadmap and are organized so that you will be able to:

  • Understand what CasperLabs is building.

  • Learn how to build and operate applications on the platform.

  • Learn how to set up the CasperLabs environment locally.

  • Work with our Contracts API to access our Rust resources.

  • Learn how to create and test Smart Contracts with our libraries.

  • Work with the multi-signature capability to sign transactions.

The motivation for our roadmap is inspired by feedback we are receiving from your recommendations. We hope you continue to provide your feedback as you embark on this journey with us – we look forward to building a decentralized future together.

Coding Standards and Review cover best practices and recommendations following our coding standards, code reviews and publishing your code to our GitHub.