Contract Implementation

In GitHub, you will find a library and an example implementation of the ERC-20 token for the Casper Network. The ERC-20 standard is defined in an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP).

Installing Required Crates

Since this is a Rust implementation of the ERC-20 token for Casper, we will go over a few implementation details. Casper contracts require the following crates to be included:

  • casper_contract: A Rust library for writing smart contracts on the Casper Network

  • casper_types: Types used to allow creation of Wasm contracts and tests for use on the Casper Network

  • casper_erc20: A library for developing ERC-20 tokens for the Casper Network

use casper_contract::{contract_api::runtime, unwrap_or_revert::UnwrapOrRevert};

use casper_types::{CLValue, U256};

use casper_erc20::{
    Address, ERC20,


In Rust, the keyword use is like an include statement in C/C++.

Initializing the Contract

When you deploy the contract, you need to initialize it with a call() function and define name, symbol, decimals, and total_supply, which are the starting token supply.

fn call() {
    let name: String = runtime::get_named_arg(NAME_RUNTIME_ARG_NAME);
    let symbol: String = runtime::get_named_arg(SYMBOL_RUNTIME_ARG_NAME);
    let decimals = runtime::get_named_arg(DECIMALS_RUNTIME_ARG_NAME);
    let total_supply = runtime::get_named_arg(TOTAL_SUPPLY_RUNTIME_ARG_NAME);

    let _token = ERC20::install(name, symbol, decimals, total_supply).unwrap_or_revert();

Contract Methods

Review the contract in Github to see the implementation of the contract methods. If you have any questions, review the casper_erc20 library and the EIP-20 standard.

  • allowance - Returns the amount of owner’s tokens allowed to be spent by the spender

  • approve - Allows a spender to transfer up to an amount of the direct caller’s tokens

  • balance_of - Returns the token balance of the owner

  • decimals - Returns the decimals of the token

  • name - Returns the name of the token

  • symbol - Returns the symbol of the token

  • total_supply - Returns the total supply of the token

  • transfer - Transfers an amount of tokens from the direct caller to a recipient

  • transfer_from - Transfers an amount of tokens from the owner to a recipient, if the direct caller has been previously approved to spend the specified amount on behalf of the owner