Smart Contract Upgrade Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to upgrade smart contracts. Casper contracts are upgradeable, making it easy for contract authors to add features and fix bugs in smart contracts.

The process of upgrading a smart contract is simple. All you need is to deploy a new version of the contract and overwrite the old functions with new ones.

These are the essential steps you need to follow:

  1. Deploy the contract with an upgrade function

  2. Add an entry point in the call function for the upgrade function

  3. Add the new features you desire

Here are specific examples of how to implement the upgrade functionality.

Step 1. Deploy the contract with an ‘upgrade’ function

When you first deploy the contract, you must include an upgrade function. Since the contract is immutable, you cannot add the upgrade function after deployment. Without the this function, you cannot upgrade the contract. In other words, you must include the upgrade function when you first deploy the contract.

Start by creating an upgrade function in your contract similar to the following example.

pub extern "C" fn upgrade_me() {
    let installer_package: ContractPackageHash = runtime::get_named_arg("installer_package");
    let contract_package: ContractPackageHash = get_key(CONTRACT_PACKAGE);

    runtime::call_versioned_contract(installer_package, None, "install", runtime_args! {
        "contract_package" => contract_package,

Step 2. Add an entry point in the ‘call’ function

Next, you need to add an entry point to the upgrade function in the call function. This enables the contract execution to invoke the upgrade function in the future.

pub extern "C" fn call() {
    let (contract_package, access_token) = storage::create_contract_package_at_hash();

    let entry_points = {
        let mut entry_points = EntryPoints::new();
        let upgradefunction = EntryPoint::new(
    let mut named_keys = NamedKeys::new();
    named_keys.insert(ACCESS_TOKEN.to_string(), access_token.into());
    named_keys.insert(CONTRACT_PACKAGE.to_string(), storage::new_uref(contract_package).into());
    let (new_contract_hash, _) = storage::add_contract_version(contract_package, entry_points, named_keys);

    runtime::put_key(CONTRACT_NAME, new_contract_hash.into());
    set_key(CONTRACT_PACKAGE, contract_package); // stores contract package hash under account's named key
    set_key(CONTRACT_HASH, new_contract_hash);

Step 3. Add new features

Now you are ready to upgrade your contract and add the new features and functions you desire.

The add_contract_version API will allow you to deploy a new version of your contract.

Remember, it is essential to include the upgrade function and safeguard the access token when you first deploy the contract. You will need the access token for future upgrades.