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The following topics describe how to use the Casper command-line client to transfer tokens between accounts on the Casper Network. Depending on the type of accounts, you can choose a direct transfer or a multiple signature (multi-sig) deploy transfer.

Transferring Tokens using Direct Transfer

You can use the direct method to transfer tokens when you have an account with a single primary key and it is capable of signing a transaction. To use a direct transfer, see Transferring Tokens using Direct Transfer

Transferring Tokens using Multi-sig Deploy

When the account used to initiate the transfer has multiple associated keys that need to sign the deploy, you can use a multi-sig deploy transfer. To use a multi-sig deploy transfer, see Transferring Tokens using Multi-sig Account

Verifying a Transfer using the Command-line Client

Once you have transferred the tokens, you might want to verify that the transfer was successful. To verify the status of the transfer, see Verifying a Transfer