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Writing Smart Contracts

This section shows you how to write smart contracts in Rust and WebAssembly (Wasm).

Getting Started with RustAn introduction to using Rust with the Casper Platform
Writing Session CodeAn introduction to writing session code
A Basic Smart Contract in RustAn example of a smart contract built in Rust
A Basic Smart Contract in AssemblyScriptAn example of a smart contract built in AssemblyScript

Additionally, the following tutorials outline some aspects of writing smart contracts on the Casper Network.

NFTs on CasperImplementing the Casper NFT standard
Counter Contract TutorialA simple example contract that maintains a counter variable
Fungible Tokens on CasperImplement the Casper Fungible Token standard
Key-Value Storage with Casper DSLDesign a simple contract to store a value and use the Casper DSL
Multi-Signatures and Key RecoveryLearn to sign transactions with multiple keys
Interacting with Runtime Return ValuesLearning how to return a value using contract code
Safely Transfer Tokens to a ContractHow to handle tokens via a contract
Smart Contract UpgradesLearn how to upgrade smart contracts